Our project Communication Bridge was funded by The Taka Tuka Society, the RS Public Fund for Cultural Activities, and the EACEA. (The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Agency).
Communication Bridge involved three stages.
The second stage took place in Chengdu, China, June 2013:
The Estudio Búsqueda offered movement theater workshops at Chengdu University as well as Chengdu School of Special Education (Blind, Deaf and Hard of Hearing).
As days passed,
we became familiar
with our surroundings
though communication proved difficult.

Courageous Sigfrido taught university workshops
without a translator.
He moved around the room
playfully as usual.

It is hard to know exactly what was understood, 
the students laughed and learned
 a window opened.

We also worked in a special needs school - 
faced with a further communication challenge

where our students were gifted, 
in following our improvised gestures, 
without hesitation.

We learned
the deaf and hard of hearing students 
used two forms of signed language: 
One for daily interactions.
A more dynamic version for storytelling.

We were left wondering
were the students, and
the teachers.

Their presence,
so dynamic and generous.
The intended bridge of communication
a given.
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