Founded in 1972 by Sigfrido Aguilar, Mexican Mime-Clown, Creator and Director, the Studio has since established itself as both a center of contemporary mime/clown in North America and Latin America and an umbrella organization dedicated to the promotion of popular theater arts throughout Mexico.
Since 1972, the Research Studio has been evolving as a multi-functional and international center dedicated to:

~ The professional formation of the clown, the modern mime and the physical actor via a series of specified courses, national and international workshops and related festivals.

~ The evolution of an audience/community by way of a continuous series of cultural events in our Teatro Tanque -- La Valenciana.​​​​​​​
Through continuous and innovative work, the Estudio Búsqueda de Pantomima-Teatro A.C. has emerged as a nucleus of contemporary popular theater in the Americas. Its unique professional training program draws students from around the world. ​​​​​​​
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