In 2009, the THEATRUM PRO OMNIBUS project brought together organizations from four continents. Each organization employs the medium THEATER for youth work. The basic aim of this project was to exchange experiences, exploring the possibilities for using theater in addressing current issues such as: confronting racism and xenophobia, initiating inter-ethnic and inter-religious dialogue, enacting conflict resolution and emphasizing the need for the active role of women in society.
Theatrum Pro Omnibus, "Theater for Everyone,"  involved six organizations from six countries. Three are within the European Union and three are non-European countries:
During this project, the participating organizations took part in an International Conference, a Youth Exchange, Pedagogic Theater Workshops and Study Visits

For the study visit, four mentors of The Estudio
Bùsqueda de Pantomima-Teatro
workshops for the Taka Tuka students, the
students of the ZGNL-- The Ljubljana School
for the Deaf
and the members of the Deaf and
Hard of Hearing Clubs Association of
Slovenia  ZDGNS
in Nova Gorica.
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